Bin Islam Global

Bin Islam Global is a subsidiary of Waresa Group,
which is growing corporate organization.

About Bin Islam Global

Bin Islam Global is a subsidiary of Waresa Group, which is a growing corporate organization. The group adds value in global markets through its trusted brands and innovation. The key success factor for Waresa has been the affordability factor, enabled through over two decades of experience, cost efficiencies and quality products.

The Waresa Group which is founded in 1999, embarked on the philosophy of integrity, honesty and modesty. The group is headed by Chairman Mr. Moin Ud Din and comprises various companies and different business sectors, including Waresa Industry.


Bin Islam Agro-based Products​

Under the umbrella of Bin Islam, our aim is to become the lead-ing provider of agro-based products in the Middle East region and rest of the world. We ofer a diverse and trusted range of products. Our mission is to provide the products lines that fulfill the market needs and customer satisfaction. Our crop yield is carefully curated, monitored, grown, processed, packed and freshly delivered to our prestigious customers.

Waresa Rice Variety

Waresa Grains & Rice

Flour & Bran

Innovative Industry in  The Outdoor Since 1999

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